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Current solo show: Remnants and Realisation

Remnants and Realisation, a solo show of a large new body of work including the artist’s first wall sculptures, opened at Encounter Contemporary, The Economist Building in central London in September until 15th December 2018, by appointment only.

To view the 30 second promo clip please click here and the press release is here.

“The exhibition celebrates an energetic new body of work including the artist’s first sculptures burnt with an industrial flamethrower. This significant exhibition represents an important development in Ball’s widely acclaimed practice and brings his ambitious works to the centre of London this September. 

Ball’s compositions are often the result of closely observed and rigorously researched source material ranging from images of his own DNA to mechanical systems and digital mappings of human movement. This melting pot of natural and technological visual stimuli deepens and builds before being reduced and transcribed into elusive abstractions. For every archival fragment which rises to the surface another is buried. The result is masterfully coded pieces which hang tantalisingly on the edge of understanding, works which echo complex patterns of thought in their irrepressible twists and turns.

Encounter Contemporary, The Economist Building, 30 Bury Street, London, SW1Y 6AU