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Newly commissioned light box

Created over a few months in 2022 Edgewise was commissioned by a US collector. Made from white hand-cut felt backed onto cotton with RGBW LED lights that gradually change, in a Perspex box, aluminium subframe and wifi control.
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Beautiful Evidence, Artrinity

Beautiful Evidence is a new exhibition of work hosted by Artrinity, the team behind the Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, US. This body of work was created over the last two years and includes paintings, drawings and a screen print released to co...
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Fermata, Cromwell Place, London

Fermata was a group exhibition curated by Encounter at Cromwell Place. The musical term historically refers to a sustained pause within a creative performance, the lingering on a particular note or phrase. The exhibition brings together a group of...
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Billboard promo video
Encounter Contemporary
Remnants and Realisation installation clip
Gagosian Gallery installation video
US Channel 8 news clip
Papworth Hospital: Design Curial

Papworth Hospital installation video
Adam Ball + Eve and Max