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Fermata, Cromwell Place, London

Encounter is pleased to present Fermata opening on the 7th December until 12th December 2021. The musical term historically refers to a sustained pause within a creative performance, the lingering on a particular note or phrase. The exhibition bri...
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Royal Academy, London 2021

The charcoal drawing Until Tomorrow is currently being exhibited at this year's Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. The exhibition is open from 22 September until 2 January 2022. For more information please visit the Royal Academy. ...
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What Remains, Encounter, London

Appearing at a critical moment for artists and audiences in the wake of the latest Covid-19 lockdown, ‘What Remains’ brought together eleven institutionally acclaimed international artists for the first time. The exhibition reflects on what remai...
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Papworth Hospital: Design Curial

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