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Billboard installation, London Bridge, Annin Arts

An artwork was installed on a 3 x 6 metre billboard at London Bridge with Annin Arts in November 2018. Made from 48 printed posters and installed at street level where it can be viewed by the 30,000 people a day who cross the bridge. To view the p...
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Current solo show: Remnants and Realisation

Remnants and Realisation, a solo show of a large new body of work including the artist's first wall sculptures, opened at Encounter Contemporary, The Economist Building in central London in September until January 2019, (by appointment only in Jan...
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Billboard promo video
Encounter Contemporary
Remnants and Realisation installation clip
Goss-Michael Foundation
Gagosian Gallery installation video
US Channel 8 news clip
MTV Redefine Dallas Contemporary
Genus installation video