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What Remains, Encounter, London 19th May – 7th June 2021

Appearing at a critical moment for artists and audiences in the wake of the latest Covid-19 lockdown, ‘What Remains’ brought together eleven institutionally acclaimed international artists for the first time.

The exhibition reflects on what remains and what is lost in a rapidly changing, and uneven world. Concerned with contemporary archeology and precarious temporalities, the exhibited artists negotiate the borders between imagination, memory and artistic reproduction from varied cultural standpoints. Imagined futuristic cityscapes hazily hover on retro video screens; rock formations from emptied riverbeds are cast onto fragmentary assemblages of industrial forms; archived collections of found images are intermeshed with digital detritus and transcribed in paint. Navigating a fault line between image formation and deconstruction, accumulation and erasure, the displayed works inhabit an unstable space somewhere between figuration and abstraction. Often crossing boundaries between mediums, the artists engage these issues through complex and innovative material practices.

Gabriele Adomaityte | Adam Ball | Antony Cairns |  Lawrence Calver |  Gordon Earl Adams |  Nicolas Feldmeyer |  Charles Hadcock | Nour Jaouda | Gerry Judah | Whitney McVeigh | Neha Vedpathak

Address: Copeland Gallery, 133 Copeland Road, London, SE15 3SN

Adam Ball: The things I’ve seen, 2020, charcoal on hand-cut paper, 160 x 200 cm