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Public installation, Royal Papworth Hospital, 2019

“Appointed as consultant artist by lead architects HOK International, Adam Ball created a powerful installation aimed at both welcoming patients and staff to the hospital while simultaneously creating a positive and life-affirming atmosphere from the moment they arrive. 

Over the last eight years Adam worked closely with HOK to create a 3 metre x 16 metre light installation that forms the exterior wall of the hospital next to the main entrance. Entitled, Until the day you feel good, the work was initially created from white fabric, hand-cut with surgical scalpels in 11 sections. It was then photographed, before being specialist screen-printed onto glass, and backlit by a bespoke LED lighting system designed to gradually change colour over the course of the year. 

To ensure the work truly reflected the endeavours of the highly skilled team of professionals at the hospital, Adam collaborated with surgeons and staff from various departments, even witnessing thoracic surgery first hand, while at the same time investigating and researching source material for his work. Not only is the finished installation directly influenced by the people who work at the Royal Papworth, but also reflective of their ongoing medical advancements. 

“This work has been a long time in the making and was underpinned every step by the firm belief in the importance of art in the recovery of patients. While I have always believed this to be the case, I gained a much greater appreciation of its importance when my daughter fell ill and we found ourselves in and out of hospital with her. Hospitals can be intimidating environments so I wanted my work to be welcoming for patients and their families as they arrive, and to create a less clinical, optimistic feel and a brief distraction from their circumstances.” 

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Until the day you feel good, 2019, 3 x 16m light box at the main entrance to the hospital

Photography: Will Smith and Andrew Meredith