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Eve and Max fashion collaboration, US

Art + Fashion collaboration with US womenswear designer Eve and Max

“Announcing the official debut of consciously designed womenswear collection titled Twenty-One: Respair, in collaboration with British artist Adam Ball, benefiting the Rainforest Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting the indigenous peoples of the world’s rainforest.”

“For my collaboration with Eve and Max I used the Taman Negara in Malaysia as initial inspiration. As the oldest rainforest in the world, untouched by ice age glaciers, it has remained essentially the same for the last 130 million years. The painting concentrates on the abstract beauty of nature and the energy which can be found within it. With the use of vibrant colour and pattern, I wanted to create something that would work well as a repeated print, with an optimistic, euphoric feel that signifies a return to hope.”

Respair, 2020, oil and acrylic on canvas, 150 x 180 cm

Responding to Respair Nick Warren wrote:

Lift your eyes toward the light.
Hear the colour.
Feel the noise.
The forest is open, endless, euphoric.
Our shared return to hope.