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Beautiful Evidence, Artrinity 2022

Beautiful Evidence is a new exhibition of work hosted by Artrinity, the team behind the Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, US. This body of work was created over the last two years and includes paintings, drawings and a screen print released to coincide with the exhibition.

The colourful painting Ever Now continues with the same vibrant palette used in the artist’s recent fashion collaboration Respair with Eve and Max. This euphoric painting, a celebration of the restorative powers of life, forms the basis of a 9-layer colour screen print, in an edition of 25, created at one of London’s master print studios K2.

As a departure from this work the monochromatic paintings, made using raw pigment and cut fabric, are abstracted dynamic free-flowing forms taken from closely observed source material. This melting pot of natural visual stimuli, encompassing many elements of life, are reduced and simplified into energetic rhythms, reflecting a period a regrowth and renewal.

The charcoal drawings, made over lockdown in London, are more intimate in nature. The delicate, ephemeral surface of these drawings are built up in layers, embracing a new fluidity of mark making.

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Ever Now, 2021, oil and acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120cm

Dystrophin, 2021, fabric & pigment on canvas, 130 x 160cm